Before his name was even a definition and inventions were more impactful than Edison’s, Nicola Tesla worked in Budapest. Few knew that he was barely 25 years of age when as the Chief of engineering for the American Telephone company in Hungary, he invented the phone speaker or as we would put it today, speakerphone. And in this city, he drew the basis for of the alternating current motors functioning in the dust ground for his friend at a park whilst quoting Goethe«s Faust to each other. So, for more than the past 10 years I have been present and worked on most of the notable stations/stages of the Hungarian e-business services whilst it was being built. Therefore, I am now known as the architect in my own field of work/in digital marketing. Two years ago I as well, drew my own „alternating current motor” in the dust – which can be expected to radically change the thinking of the labour market.