About MDA

The MENA Digital Awards (MDA) is a bespoke awards show whose purpose is promote digital innovation and media in the MENA region. It is the first awards show to honor digital efforts in the region.

Coupled with the Digital Media Forum (DMF), the MDA offers the ideal platform recognize excellence in the use of digital technologies and media and honor the people and brands behind this progress that takes the communication industry to the future. The DMF and MDA are the brainchild of Mrs. Najla Mazboudi, the well known 30 year communication and media veteran and renowned figure in MENA.

The MDA is guided by international standards in the judging and award processes to ensure only the best work is recognized. Entry categories allow for all forms of technical and creative digital work from any communication discipline to be entered. Moreover, given the nature of digital, results and impact play an important role in the success of the entry and naturally solidify the validity of digital as a worthy marketing channel.

The MDA ensures that the jury is comprised from international and well known digital experts. It is also the only award show with an official independent “audit” partner. Participation is open to all digital players from client to agencies to producers. Any entity with valid digital work that aligns with the entry categories is encouraged to participate and let their work be known.

The first MENA Digital Awards Ceremony was held in 2014.


Strategic Partners

  • Digital Media Services (DMS)

Event Partner

  • Strategy&
  • Arab Ad
  • IAA